16 Awesome Parents Who Went The Extra Mile

The bond between a parent and child is one of the strongest things in the world. Strong children are the product of strong parents, and unconditional love. These individuals have shown the world what it means to be supportive and truly loving while navigating through the storm that is parenting.

1. Illustrated Patches

Stay at home dad, Geof Grubb, draws fun illustrations on his daughter’s corrective eye patches to take the frustration out of the patching process. Rather than having her walk around with a boring patch, she now proudly showcases her dad’s creative talent, which helps alleviate the negative stigma associated with wearing them!


via Instagram / @laylaspatches

2. Dad And Daughter Hair Class

A group of dads learn the basics of hair so that they can style their daughters with braids, buns, and ponytails for years to come!


via reddit / MashedPotatoh

3. American Boy

When her son wanted an American Boy doll for his birthday, Gina DeMillo Wagner took it upon herself to create one! Since the company does not produce boy dolls, Gina ordered a girl doll, cut her hair, removed her lipstick and changed her clothes, creating an American Boy who looks exactly like her son, Miles.


4. Cochlear Implant Tattoo

Alistair Campbell, a father from New Zealand, got a tattoo on the left side of his head to pay tribute to his daughter, who has two cochlear implants to assist her with hearing.


via Facebook / anitaalistair.campbell

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